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Alexis Drake x Botanic Garden's  |  Spring POP UP

Alexis Drake x Botanic Garden's | Spring POP UP

April 05, 2018

For next week’s pop up, we have partnered with the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens!  If you haven’t had a chance to check out their new building, it is time for you to stop by.  We are so excited to share their beautiful space.    

I try my hardest to have a green thumb, however, it hasn’t quite taken off for me.  When I was in high school, one summer, I was fortunate enough to work for Paul Smith in his personal garden, as his gardener.  He hosted many events at his home and his garden was that of amazement.  It was the first thing guests experienced and usually was part of many conversations throughout their stay.  My entire summer was spent, watering, planting, mowing, dead-heading, planting, learning, and trying to grow and manicure his English garden. 

Top 5 things learned that summer. 

  • When you plant lily bulbs, 200 of them, make sure you are planting them right side up. OR, you get to dig them ALL up and try again.  Now I know which way is up!
  • Sweet tea is best, enjoyed in the garden, surrounded by lush greenery and chirping birds.
  • You can never plant to many pansies. We planted a section of terracotta pots beneath a huge shade tree entirely of pansies.  They were strong and grew like crazy. 
  • You have to dead-head flowers every day. Yes, every day.  And it takes a long time.  If you dead-head, growth happens quicker and more efficiently and your garden becomes fuller and more beautiful every day.
  • Working outside with nature was one of the most enjoyable experiences and one of my most favorite summer jobs.

So do I garden now?  No, and the only thing that I will take partial credit for keeping alive are my kids and the dog.  Pretty sure it is because they tell me when they need food and water.  Someday, I will garden again.  I do have some  succulents growing (apparently they are the easiest, next to cactus), and they are still hanging in there…so a start.

Please come and visit us, next week and explore what the Botanic Garden’s has built and continues to cultivate –not just the plants—but our ever growing community and love of nature and outdoor exploration. 

We will have Amelia, the Airstream parked out front as well as our Spring collection available in the Orangerie.  

See you then!

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